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FAQs and Known Issues

Where can I check your Privacy policy ?
Inside each app you can read the privacy policy using the menu available in the command bar.

How can I share XP and upgrades in my devices?
We are adding a feature that let you register an account in the app settings. This allows you to synchronize and restore upgrades purchased and XP points in your devices. The service requires an active data connection

I changed my device, how do I retrieve upgrades and experience points that I had?
The easiest and safest way to do this is through the use of your personal account that you can create in the app Settings. Remember to log in in each device after you have created it in order to sync everything.
If this is not possible, please contact my support to they will try to check and restore your experience points and upgrades as quickly as possible.

I have purchased an upgrade but it isnt available in my bot. What I have to do?
First, try to close and restart your app. If this doesnt work please send us an email to, we will check and restore your XP points or unlock the upgrade.
This problem could happen when there are connections error during the purchase.

Which languages are supported?
Each robot is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. In the future, new languages will be added.

Where can I download my robots?
The robots will be made universally available in all platforms: Windows 10, Windows Phone, Xbox One, Android and iOS. In the bots page, you can find indication for which platforms are currently available.

I do not like the robot's voice, how can I change it?
Your bot's voice can be changed directly in your device settings.
For Windows you can change the voice from male to female in the app settings.
For Android you can download new voice package (TTS) in your device searching in Google play store.
For iOS is available only the female voice provided in the devices.

I found a bug, how do I report it?
Start the app. Access the menu information or launches the "Info" command in the base module. Send a support request describing the error, or use the bug button in the feedback page.

how can I share the content?
You can share your robot's responses in the resulting page by touching the box that contains the text.

how can I change the bot's name?
You can change your bot's name in the app settings.

how can I teach my name to the bot?
You can do this in the app settings.